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TWG Asia Pacific’s group members have extensive technical and management expertise in many sectors and over the past 20 years have had direct involvement in the development of many industries within the region. TWG Asia Pacific recognises that in order to achieve the optimum scale of development of further industries within both its base in Malaysia and across the region, human capital development is paramount and is currently the biggest barrier to sustainable growth.

The cornerstone of our approach at inception was to provide a gateway or conduit for business development between Asia Pacific and Europe (particularly the United Kingdom) in both directions. By the utilisation of considerable business networks across regions TWG has the platform that provides scope for the encouraging of entrepreneurial growth in all locations where we are concerned. We are taking this approach actively into Africa by initiatives we are developing with the support of governmental bodies in the Republic of Ghana.


TWG Asia Pacific has a number of ongoing projects in the Aerospace, Construction, Design and Education industries located in Malaysia and the surrounding countries. Under the TWG name, our members are able to effectively collaborate and organically grow into stronger enterprises.

TWG Asia Pacific is currently engaged in a number of large scale developments across the region, ranging from airport infrastructure and manufacturing facilities to residential tower blocks. We are also involved in a number of infrastructure projects from the re-routing of rivers for flood mitigation under a private financing initiative to the development of power stations. All of these opportunities have arisen through the fostering of repeat orders where our track-record has merited further opportunities.

In Aerospace, TWG is introducing its own aircraft manufacturing project which will complement our aviation education courses. As with all TWG business, education is at the forefront, which is why we are also designing our own flight training aids. This equipment can be used to teach prospective pilots/users the basics skills of flight, increasing safety. In addition to our own simulators TWG has, over the past 8 years, been heavily involved in both the commercial pilot and military simulators industries. Adding to our portfolio, TWG is now a recognised supplier for some of the most exclusive and advanced aircraft certified LED lights.


Our design team also develop a range of products in addition to flight simulators. This ranges from driving and construction simulators through to new LED lights, innovative fire products and tracking software. TWG and its partners have developed a cost-effective asset management software which has the aim of decluttering the teaching schedule to ensure they can use the majority of their time actually teaching. This is highly relevant in developing countries where teachers are expected to multitask instead of focus on the needs of their students.

In addition to the foregoing, TWG Asia Pacific offers a consulting service to a number of private organisations and government agencies. Our experiences allow TWG to be in a position to offer the most suitable advice to further progress industries on both a macro and a micro scale. TWG is regularly requested to analyse a situation and it is by understanding what is required we can provide a best-suited strategy for success.

TWG Asia Pacific is regularly contacted regarding both the industries we are already involved in and by those which are not. Clients recognise our strengths and contact us to expand their businesses. Potential clients can be assured that TWG will help with developing a business strategy in their home market and the best approach to grow into other markets. If you feel TWG can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the page provided.

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