TWG Global Group

TWG Global is an international grouping of established companies with offices in Asia-Pacific, Africa and Europe.

TWG builds long-term and trusted partnerships with companies who excel in their respective industries and it is through this strategy TWG is becoming globally recognised. By carefully selecting the best partners to work with, we can only offer our clients the most complete solutions.


Our Market Sectors:

Although not exclusive, our core businesses are in the industries of Aerospace, Construction, Design and Manufacturing, Education, Healthcare, Investments and Offset Management. In addition, TWG also has the expertise and experience to consult and offer advice on any business aspect, no matter how big or small. We place great emphasis on the value of repeat business and in consequence have developed long-term relationships with a number of instantly recognisable market leading brands.

We are continuously using innovation, research & development and institutional collaboration to develop new technologies into the market place and expanding our business portfolio in the process.

TWG aims to ensure that our clients are always put first through our services with an aim to exceed expectations. If you feel TWG can help you, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the page provided.


Aviation has always been a core competency of the TWG group’s business, from manufacturing through to construction. TWG has a proven delivery record in the industry. In the early 1990’s the group directors were directly involved in the establishment of the Malaysian aerospace manufacturing sector and the development of the first aircraft to be fully designed and manufactured in Malaysia.

Currently, TWG has focused on the design and supply of flight simulators, the creation of our own UK based flying school, the design & construction of large scale aircraft hangars and simulation centres, the design and development of aviation parts and LED lighting systems and the introduction of our own aircraft programme to be manufactured in Malaysia. Our expertise in the Aerospace industry is formidable and we are committed to providing the best solutions for our clients technical, strategic, and programmatic challenges.


For over 40 years TWG group members have been directly involved across three continents assisting in the delivery of landmark projects in places as diverse as the United Kingdom, Ireland, Egypt, Bahrain, Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia. With attention to detail in all aspects of project delivery, large scale institutional development, iconic buildings, major infrastructure constructions, remodelling of historic and protected buildings, housing and commercial properties have been a core concern of the TWG group.

In addition, TWG group members have always been at the forefront of technologies and have implemented advanced techniques whenever they have become available. The TWG group and its partners have undertaken strategic and iconic programmes of construction and infrastructure development across the world and TWG has gained experience and expertise to take-on and deliver any construction project, with a high level of professional expertise.


The TWG group and its partners have over 40 years’ experience in a wide span of industries including; aviation, education, medicine, infrastructure, construction, design & technology, power and oil & gas to name but a few. Working at all levels within an organisation including advising at a governmental level, TWG brings substantial practical knowledge and experience to bear upon the solving of problems and devising solutions. We engage clients by means of a collaborative approach to deliver results which are best suited for each opportunity.

Our objective is to ensure our client strengthens their position by assigning them a carefully considered strategy for each unique situation.

Design & Manufacturing

From Animation to Aerospace, construction to simulation, the TWG group has delivered unrivalled technology and solutions to satisfy the most discerning clients in the high technology industries. Comprising, but not limited to, electro-mechanical systems, composites, simulation, aviation, firefighting products or metal-based manufacturing, TWG has the expertise and experience to provide a first class response using the latest advances.

With registered successes in the film, animation, maritime, aviation, simulation, fire safety equipment, green energy & technology industries, the TWG directors and shareholders are ideally placed to provide client satisfaction in many areas.


The TWG group has a clear objective to include and promote education in all business activities. TWG focuses primarily in this regard on vocational and skills based training in Europe, Africa & Asia-Pacific particularly geared and relating to the main core competencies of the Group.. Our primary strategy is “preparing people for work” which involves a close interaction between academia and industry, with government providing the legislative framework for implementation. This “academia-industry-government” partnership provides the successful framework for meaningful human resource development.

TWG provides all forms of support to the development of individuals and institutions alike, covering campus design, development & construction, curricula development, teaching staff and student recruitment & management, international linkages, research programmes and quality assurance. TWG continually exceed expectations and our proven experience is testimonial to what we can achieve together.


Technology in the medical field is a key competency of the TWG group, culminating from 30 years of experience. With related expertise in radiology, surgery, telemedicine, simulation and training for the delivery of primary healthcare and disaster management, TWG can provide innovative solutions to complex issues.

As with all aspects of the TWG strategy, education is a prime focus and ‘education through simulation’ is a bridge between classroom learning and real-life clinical experience.. Simulation is coming of age and, with the knowledge and understanding that the TWG group demonstrates we are at the forefront of realising the importance of its contribution to industry.


Projects succeed via the creation of win-win situations achieved by a properly costed, well-funded model for which the commercial feasibility has been fully examined. Our group has been working continuously towards the maximisation of client wealth through exclusive and carefully selected property acquisitions and/or project selections.

We offer a highly tailored and bespoke service, and through this approach we are able to manage all aspects of our client’s investment deals. Our division for financial services and investment stands for quality, sustainability and customer satisfaction. Exceptional quality standards, transparency and integrity are key components of all our financial consultancy solutions, ensuring the correct decision is made via specialised knowledge and future market awareness.


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